Finally, simple and fun fundraising for your organization!

At Paint the Grain we are firm believers in being a part of the community, which means finding ways to help with community needs.  One of the ways we set out to help is to donate a portion of our sales during our fundraising events to a charity, organization or cause in our community.

If you have a Charity, Organization or Cause that would benefit from our monthly fundraisers, contact us today! If you organization/cause is approved our booking coordinator will set up a registration link for your attendees to sign up through.

Raising money for your favorite organization is easy and fun when you fundraise with us! We love giving back to our communities such as PTA’s, school clubs, sports teams, charities, non-profit organizations, etc.

We offer our square or round sign size of 11×11 with over 80 designs to choose from as a take and make!

Paint the Grain will donate proceeds directly to the organization. Each project is $35. Below is a breakdown of the percentage back!

10-15 kits- 15% back

16-25 kits- 20% back

26+ kits- 25% back

You supporters will be able to sign up online for the duration of the time agreed upon and will be notified by email when their kit is ready for pick up. Then you let us know who to write the check to!

We look forward to working with your organization!

PLEASE NOTE:  Your month will be confirmed by our Give Back Coordinator within 48 hours and a registration link will be set up if your charity, organization or cause is approved.
Also, please understand that is is not the responsibility of PTG to advertise your event nor is PTG able to guarantee a specific turn out. The success of each fundraiser is dependent on the word of mouth of the organization. 

Contact us to Set Up Your Fundraiser