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It’s easier than you think!

We will take you through the process of creating customized and personalized home décor

you will love to display or give as a gift. 

So come create and celebrate in a space where you will feel at home but you get to leave the mess behind!

No creative bone necessary!


 LADIES NIGHT – TEAM BUILDING – FUNDRAISERS – KIDS PARTIES – DATE NIGHT – PRIVATE PARTIES! Join our workshops, bring your friends, your favorite food & drinks and let us help you create memories together

Handmade Market

Sometimes you want a crafty décor with no work, so come and shop in our handmade market. These items are already fully assembled and ready to come to your home. Beautiful décor has never been this easy!

Custom Designs

Don’t have time to come in for a workshop? No problem at all, we can make it for you! Just let us know what product you would like, and we’ll get it done for you. So whether you like to BUY or DIY we’ve got you covered!