Resin Pour Initials


Resin Pour Initial
Each wooden letter is laser-cut and serves as a canvas for a captivating resin beach art piece that is made with real sand. Make the letters personalized by requesting a different color at the event.
These letters are the perfect addition to family homes, bedrooms, nurseries and dorm rooms. Hang them on your walls, and watch as they become a focal point that sparks joy and invites admiration from all who behold them.
Each letter is 10 inches tall.
The letters can be hung using command strips or You can also choose to just display it on a desk or shelf.
The letters are made with wood and resin. Please keep your letters away from direct sunlight as it will cause your piece to yellow.
We provide a fun, light-hearted environment for you to learn and practice epoxy, mingle with friends, laugh, and/or simply enjoy the therapeutic artistic experience! No experience required. Boards will need to stay overnight to allow for dry time and final touches by our staff.
Side note – we use a breathe easy resin with little VOC, masks are optional. Please bring your own if you need one!
Best for kids in 3rd grade and up.
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