Leaning Interchangeable 4 foot ladder


Our newest project is simply amazing and so much fun to create! Each part is laser cut, contains 3D elements and is easy to paint. In this initial bundle and save you will get the ladder and your first seasonal trio set. Choose your season below, we are starting with the Summer. upcoming seasons will be added as we move along throughout the year. Additional bundles will be on another listing. This is a great corner leaner, If you choose to put it outside please know it is not pressure treated, so either place in an area where it wont get wet OR you can spray it with a clear lacquer. For Valentines through spring please choose 3 from each set and write them in the personalized box

WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED IF THERE IS ALREADY PERSONALIZATION DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE YOU CHOSE AS YOUR DESIGN. Enter the personalization information needed to complete the project. If there is none WRITE NA. Do not write other quotes or custom request designs in this box.