Gnome Interchangeable Round


This 18 in interchangeable sign comes with 11 interchangeable options.

Choose your saying on the top. It will be a stencil option.

Ideas-Gnome Sweet Gnome, Welcome to our gnome, etc, or personalize it!

Choose all your colors at the event. If for any reason you cannot paint all of the interchangeable parts within the allotted time you can paint them at home.

gnome sweet gnomegnome sweet gnome
personalize itpersonalize it
welcome to our gnomewelcome to our gnome

Select all that apply

WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED IF THERE IS ALREADY PERSONALIZATION DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE YOU CHOSE AS YOUR DESIGN. Enter the personalization information needed to complete the project. If there is none WRITE NA. Do not write other quotes or custom request designs in this box.

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