Epoxy Coasters- Set of 6 with holding case


each set comes with 6 coasters and holding case. One set per person. These are bamboo coasters

We provide a fun, light-hearted environment for you to learn and practice epoxy, mingle with friends, laugh, and/or simply enjoy the therapeutic artistic experience! No experience required. Coasters will need to stay overnight to allow for dry time and final touches by our staff.
Side note – we use a breathe easy resin with little VOC, masks are optional. Please bring your own if you need one!

*No coupons or promotion codes are valid for this special event.*

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WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED IF THERE IS ALREADY PERSONALIZATION DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE YOU CHOSE AS YOUR DESIGN. Enter the personalization information needed to complete the project. If there is none WRITE NA. Do not write other quotes or custom request designs in this box.