$10 Tuesdays- 3D squares


These projects are for our special $10 Tuesdays when listed on the website calendar.
Perfect for Craft days- bring in the kiddos and craft together!
They measure 10 inch square and are all laser cut and are great leaner signs.

welcome to our lake housewelcome to our lake house
a zest for lifea zest for life
come home safe- firecome home safe- fire
come home safe- policecome home safe- police
home with wreathhome with wreath
life is better at the lakelife is better at the lake
saving lives one fire at a timesaving lives one fire at a time
summer timesummer time
this house backs the bluethis house backs the blue

WILL ONLY BE INCLUDED IF THERE IS ALREADY PERSONALIZATION DISPLAYED IN THE PICTURE YOU CHOSE AS YOUR DESIGN. Enter the personalization information needed to complete the project. If there is none WRITE NA. Do not write other quotes or custom request designs in this box.

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